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"We have been very pleased with the services of Gold Cross Answering Service. The operators are very courteous and accurate. This is very important to our client families and to us. We switched over to Gold Cross about a year and a half ago and we are very glad that we did."    

(funeral home business)                  

Custom Message Delivery
Our operators can deliver your messages in a variety of ways. We customize our service to fit your needs.

Services Available
Secure messaging to smart phone. Easy installation, HIPAA compliant
SMS Text Messaging
Gives you the ability to receive messages in actual text directly on your cell phone and then send a confirmation response. This feature is beneficial for clients that want rapid and reliable delivery of text messages to their cell phones.
Scripting to your company policy or union, reliable reports, and un-bias record keeping.
Auto Faxing/Auto Emailing
Allows you to receive a log of all calls via fax or email automatically. This can be set up to send several times a day. Many customers use it as a reference to check what calls they received after hours.
Call Logging
All incoming and outgoing calls are logged with a time stamped message as well as recorded in our system as a .wav file. These are saved in our system for over a year.
Live Voice Recording
Allows you to hear the actual call as it was taken. It is a great way to monitor how your calls are being handled.
Customer Surveys
Able to customize a list of questions you want asked. We can take incoming or make outgoing calls using the survey you created.
Customer Follow Up
We customize our service to fit your needs. If something is not working correctly, we work until it is fixed. We want to exceed your expectations. Managers are available twenty four seven to care for any of your needs.
Call Patching
Agents can transfer the call directly to you so you may handle the call live.
Order Taking
Able to take orders online or from your catalog and route major customer service calls back to your office.
Data Entry
Able to enter data into an online data base or a spreadsheet. Great for customers that send out surveys or coupons.
Skilled in scheduling appointments for all industries. This is helpful to customers that are not in their office or do not have time to set up appointments. Online connection to the scheduling program is available.
web response and monitoring
Agents can monitor and reply to customers on web requests immediately. These messages then can be forwarded the appropriate staff.
Messages can be directed to your voice mail box as they come in, allowing you to check your messages from anywhere at anytime.
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